Office Network Security

James M. Nachbar, MD, Esq.

Network Security for Small Offices

Please feel free to use this information to learn about Network Security at a high level. While the focus of this blog is a medical office, the information is equally applicable to any small office, especially ones with employees.

For the “binary” files, like PowerPoint presentations, click on the filename, and then click the “Raw” button to download the file to your computer.

Needless to say (but I will say it anyway), this information is not comprehensive, and is intended to point you to the areas I think you should be most concerned about. However, there are other security issues I have not addressed.

Also, this information is technical. You can use it to understand the issues and work with your IT Professional to implement some of these practices. I doubt that any of this is beyond your intellectual capability, but just as a surgeon has to study a procedure for some time before they can safely perform it, you will probably need to spend some time learning this if you want to do it yourself.

But still, knowing is better than not knowing. I, of course, disclaim any responsibility or liability for any problems you might encounter, I am specifically telling you that this information is not comprehensive, and you will need to know more than I have included here to safely manage your network security.

Download Network Security Presentation Sept. 2019

Download Proxy Server Presentation 2014

Download Word Document on Detailed Office Proxy Server Configuration